About best buddy biscuits

Linda is a graduate of the Center for Culinary Arts in Shelton, Connecticut, and Stone Academy of Business. She is currently a chef at a local Ivy League University and in partnership with Wayne, her husband and co-owner of Best Buddy Biscuits, LLC.  Wayne is a former food processing engineer at a Fortune 500 company.


Best Buddy Biscuits was created right around the time when so many pets in the United States were becoming ill from pet food products being shipped in from overseas.  Humans are instructed to eat natural, simple and green to maintain a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.  Well, our feeling is that your pets are so much more than just pets, they are beloved family members – they should eat a healthful diet to maintain a long and healthy life as well.  After all, if we truly are what we eat, we certainly wouldn’t want to be made of plastics, harsh preservatives and by-products.

Our products are made from simple ingredients that taste good and are good for you.  We use whole grains and oats, honey, eggs, milk, nuts, berries, cheese and fresh seasonal vegetables. All of our proteins are farmed in America and are of the best quality. We make them look good for humans, but they taste yum yum good to our pets.

At Best Buddy Biscuits, we take pride in working with many local animal shelters, rescues and kennel clubs.  We participate in as many events annually as our schedule will permit and donate as much to various animal causes as we possibly can.  We’ve recently become involved with “USWDA” U.S. Military War Dogs.  We are so excited to be sending our snacks overseas to our troops who care for and love these incredible canines who rescue, retrieve and warn our troops in the most dangerous of situations.

Please follow our event calendar on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to see what we’re up to next – you just never know!